Diggers With Gratitude

Diggers With Gratitude (DWG) began life as a blog, continuing and developing the style of highly-acclaimed music and street culture website, Spinemagazine. In 2006, the first DWG vinyl record was released, which kickstarted a whole industry of releasing archived and lost hip-hop music from the genre’s greatest artists. Many labels have followed our lead, putting some of the greatest music ever recorded onto vinyl for all to enjoy.

With over 60,000 page views every week on the DWG forums, the brand has inspired a number of other record labels that have followed in its footsteps. DWG projects primarily consist of vinyl record releases, but have broadened to include DVDs, T-shirts and a series of posters.

As the founder of the label, I handle all design and marketing for DWG, from designing record labels and stickers through to online marketing and social media curation.

Client website: www.diggerswithgratitude.com

Diggers With Gratitude website
DWG: website

DWG: TDS Mob (DVD & CD artwork/record sleeve/animations/record labels)

DWG: Latee EP
DWG: Latee EP (red vinyl record)

DWG: Good People & Sputnik Brown
DWG: Good People & Sputnik Brown

DWG: record label posters
DWG: record label posters (limited edition lithographic prints 2006/2009/2012)

DWG: website
DWG: online store/messageboard/Facebook Page/Twitter account